MP Bulktech Container Liners/Floors

MP Bulktech Container Liners are used world wide and offer a cost efficient service for shipping bulk raw materials as well as enabling bulk cargo to be delivered door to door with minimum handling. This product streamlines the logistics and avoiding any spills and unnecessary cleaning costs.

Along with our various other liners we manufacture at M P Bulktech, we can tailor any liner to your specific needs, whether it be manufactured from LDPE or HDPE coated or uncoated cloth. Our factory is set up to manufacture various design options.

We manufacture using the highest grade food quality polyethylene and woven polypropylene LDPE for strength and purity. Our Container Liners give you piece of mind that your cargo will not be contaminated as these Container Liners offer a protecive enviroment.

Our LDPE Liners are made from 100% Virgin Polythene materials and allow for any additional elongation if needed. Loading shutes can be manufactured into the liner for easier loading/ discharging of the goods.

Suitable for packing suger/coffee/clay/rice/fish meal/wheat/flour etc.

Why choose MP Bulktech Container Liners

  • Quick and simple to install
  • Bulk goods are in a Sterile Chamber
  • Fabric available with or without coating
  • Immediate saving with packaging costs
  • Higher load percentages
  • Time and labour savings


  • Used for the protection of the container floors, to prevent damage caused by certain cargo
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