MP Bulktech Air Cargo PMC and PAG Thermal Covers

MP Bulktech Thermal Airline Covers are aimed to address the threat of cold chain breaks during air transit; these Airline Covers offer a cost effective lightweight solution for temperature sensitive cargo. They eliminate variations in temperature minimising loss or spoiling of sensitive goods. These Thermal Airline covers are an excellent method of insulating bulk quantities.

These are similar to the Thermal Insulated Pallet Covers but are designed to be used specifically for use with air cargo. The size and the configuration is somewhat different from the standard pallet cover

Why choose MP Bulktech Airline Covers

  • Easy to apply
  • Low cost
  • Arrives folded, fits perfectly/lightweight
  • Clean, streamline design making your products stand out.
  • Eliminates large variations of temperature
  • Moisture or humidity does not effect the goods
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