MP Bulktech Templiners

MP Bulktech Templiners are the most reliable Temperature Controlled liners that shippers continue to use when looking for temperature stability. Templiners are used to stabilise temperature fluctuations, these liners reduce the effect that Thermal shock and Humidity infiltration cause.

Templiners provide a closed off and humidity controlled environment for products being shipped in 20ft and 40ft G.P.Containers. MP Bulktech Templiners are designed to reduce the effects of Thermal Shock, humidity infiltration and to safe guard the integrity of goods in Transit, thus being the No 1 reason why Shipping Agents, Wine Farms, Bottling Plants, Warehouses and Logistic Companies continue to use the MP Bulktech Templiner.

Exporters of bulk wines are now using the templiner along with the flexitanks to safequard the liquid product in transit.

Templiners are used for many appplications other than GP Containers, as they also create alternatives to Refer Containers, Refridgerated Trucks where refridgeration may not be required by stabilation of temperature.

MP Bulktech Templiners allow for forklift or slip sheet loading as the construction and materials used are of the highest Quality. The liner prevents direct contact with walls and prevents hot or cold air coming through sealed liner.

We are able to tailor make a templiner for you, being floorless liners, High Cube Liners or any additional or customisation you require.

The MP Bulktech Templiners were at first designed and targeted at the Wine Industry for the safeguard of wine as they prevent premature aging, cork dryness, loss of bouquet, oxidisation and leakage. The Templiner quickly became a safe and cheaper way for other industries to export their goods such as:

  • Concretes
  • Beverages
  • Pharmeceticals
  • Leathers/Hides
  • Electronics
  • Seed/Dried Fruit
  • Chocolates
  • Tinned Foods
  • Candle Manufacuters
  • And many more….

Why Choose MP Bulktech Templiners

  • Far cheaper than Reefer Containers
  • Protects from heat and cold/Temperature fluctuations
  • Eliminates Container Rain
  • Reduces Thermal Shock
  • Food Grade Material used
  • 10 minutes to install by one person
  • Can be removed and refitted
  • Arrives folded
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